The Lucid Sound Project facilitates sound meditation experiences. Sound allows a turning inward, without words or instruction. Sound can carry a participant effortlessly into a deep place of stillness to ease stress, anxiety, and physical pain. A sound meditation is simply a meditation aided by the sound of instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, shakers, rain stick, frame drum, voice, and more.

"Nobody's free until everybody's free"
~ Fannie Lou Hamer

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Individuals, couples, small groups, occasions, retreats, or corporate team building. Please email, call, or text for rates and availability.
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Call or text LuAnn at 646.783.8659
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"I love your sound celebrations - my soul medicine!!" — a long time participant
“I could feel vibration and layers of sound moving around and across me, all adding to an incredibly peaceful state that allowed me to breathe more easily, deepen my listening, and at some juncture I simply went into a deep meditative state.”

— M. Gluckman, melibeeglobal.com
“LuAnn Arena is both an accomplished musician and a gifted healer. She is adept at literally “tuning into” what your body, mind, and spirit need at the outset of the sound meditation. The music and instruments she played during the healing impacted me in an extraordinary way; I was able to relax to my core.”



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